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Monday, August 5

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Stop Spinning your Team's Wheels, It's time to revisit your working agreements! (Alex Kanaan) Chesapeake 7/8/9Alex Kanaan Business Agility Lab: Introduction to Business Agility Conference Entrance State of Business Agility (Evan Leybourn, Sally Elatta) Maryland Ballroom CPOPULAREvan Leybourn • Sally Elatta Agile Foundations Circuit Training (Michele Sliger) National Harbor 2/3Michele Sliger Agile adoption in Aeronautics Computing Center of Brazilian Air Force (Fernando Rodrigues de Sá, Everton Lucas) National Harbor 4/5Fernando Rodrigues de Sá • Everton Lucas Agile Legislation (Troels Vincents Hjortholm, Terkel Tolstrup) Chesapeake 4/5/6Troels Vincents Hjortholm • Terkel Tolstrup The Answer is the Question (Bernie Maloney) Maryland Ballroom ABernie Maloney One Architecture to Rule Them All: Why Hexagons are Awesome (Ted Young) National Harbor 6/7Ted Young DevOps > Automation, DevOps = Culture + Ownership + Empowerment (& Good Patterns) (Reneshan Moodley) Chesapeake 10/11/12Reneshan Moodley Risk Resistors and Opportunity Obtainers: The Power of Agile Digital Policy (Kristina Podnar) Chesapeake A/B/CKristina Podnar Scientific Method to Hire Great Scrum Masters (Pavel Dabrytski) National Harbor 12/13Pavel Dabrytski The Emergence of Integral Leadership: Shifting the Structure of our Attention (Michele Madore, Michael Spayd) Maryland Ballroom DMichele Madore • Michael Spayd WE make better sense than me - the art of Collective Sense Making (Antoinette Coetzee, Jason Knight) Maryland Ballroom BAntoinette Coetzee • Jason Knight Continuous Learning at Work (Cara Turner) National Harbor 11Cara Turner The Inclusive Agile Accelerator: How to Improve Learning and Inclusion in the IT Industry (Alejandro Olchik, Rafael Prikladnicki) Chesapeake G/H/IAlejandro Olchik • Rafael Prikladnicki Hands On: Scaling Product Backlogs using Visual Models (Candase Hokanson) Chesapeake J/K/LCandase Hokanson Calm The Storm In Your MInd (Heather Dunning) Chesapeake 1/2/3POPULARHeather Dunning Testing Microservices - See It, Feel It, Touch It, Heal It, Explore It (Ken Pugh) National Harbor 8POPULARKen Pugh Beyond Agile: Thriving on Digitalization with Beyond Budgeting, Open Space & Sociocracy (Jutta Eckstein, John Buck) Chesapeake D/E/FJutta Eckstein • John Buck Warts and All: Designing in the Open for Increased Agility (Matt Dobson) National Harbor 10Matt Dobson

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Scaling agile for larger electronic health record based initiatives (Vaishnavi Kannan, DuWayne Willett) Chesapeake 7/8/9Vaishnavi Kannan • DuWayne Willett Business Agility Lab: It All Starts With a Vision Conference Entrance Teal Enough: Tales from a small company trying to grow, retain culture and be Agile (Amanda Geary, Bob Payne) National Harbor 4/5Amanda Geary • Bob Payne Introduction to Agile: Origins and Evolution (Diana Larsen) National Harbor 2/3Diana Larsen Starting with our Agile Successes (Antoinette Coetzee, Lyssa Adkins) National Harbor 8POPULARAntoinette Coetzee • Lyssa Adkins Choose Your Own Coaching Adventure and Other Games (Damon Poole, Gillian Lee) Maryland Ballroom ADamon Poole • Gillian Lee Improv Your Coaching! Using Comedy to Connect, Adapt, and Respond to Any Situation. (Mary Lemmer, Jason Hall) Chesapeake D/E/FMary Lemmer • Jason Hall Part 1 of 2: Facilitate Cleaning Your Code Without (Necessarily) Being a Techncial Coach (Arlo Belshee) National Harbor 10Arlo Belshee Seven Principles for Any Effective Agile Team, Collocated or Distributed (Mark Kilby, Johanna Rothman) Maryland Ballroom DMark Kilby • Johanna Rothman That’s not what I meant! - How communication can make, or break, teams (Trisha Hall) Chesapeake 10/11/12Trisha Hall Don't write those User Stories! (Ardita Karaj) Chesapeake 4/5/6Ardita Karaj Testing 1, 2, 3, ..., ...? (Wouter Lagerweij) Chesapeake J/K/LWouter Lagerweij Massive Agile Cross-Coordination Simulation Game (Season Tanner) Chesapeake A/B/CSeason Tanner The Road to Real Business Agility (Dean Leffingwell) Maryland Ballroom CDean Leffingwell The Life Changing Magic of Holding Space: A stance for leaders decluttering complex space (Steve Holyer) National Harbor 12/13Steve Holyer Breaking Down the Curriculum - Learning Games (Nate Haut) National Harbor 11Nate Haut Bringing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Techniques into Your Agile Learning Ecosystem (Popi Makris) Chesapeake 1/2/3popularPopi Makris Start Less, Finish More: The real costs of organizational multitasking (Brandi Olson) Chesapeake G/H/IBrandi Olson Mindful Writing for your Self-Care Tool Kit (Toby Sinclair) National Harbor 6/7Toby Sinclair Icebox Zero: Agile UX & The Lean Backlog (Scott Showalter, Justin Beall) Maryland Ballroom BScott Showalter • Justin Beall

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Undercover Scrum Master (Dane Weber) Chesapeake 7/8/9Dane Weber Business Agility Lab: Afternoon ACN Lean Coffee on Business Agility Topics Conference Entrance Business Agility Mentoring and Small Group Chats Conference Entrance May I Help You Find Something? – A Journey of Enterprise Business Agility @ Target (Tom Diedrich, Chris Diller) National Harbor 4/5Tom Diedrich • Chris Diller Organizational Transformation (Mike Cottmeyer) National Harbor 2/3Mike Cottmeyer Thing Three: The Power of Peer Coaching (William Kammersell, Lieschen Gargano) National Harbor 12/13William Kammersell • Lieschen Gargano Quilling Part 2 of 2: Facilitate Cleaning Your Code Without (Necessarily) Being a Techncial Coach (Arlo Belshee) National Harbor 10Arlo Belshee People Watching: Is Your Hiring Undermining Your Agile Culture? (Robert Woods) Maryland Ballroom DpopularRobert Woods Learning From Unlikely Places: What an FBI Hostage Negotiator can Teach Us (Diane Zajac) Chesapeake 4/5/6POPULARDiane Zajac Sizing the future: How to predict the size of your products collaboratively with data (Adam Yuret) Maryland Ballroom CPOPULARAdam Yuret Being Agile with Architecture Decisions: A Short Workshop on Architecture Decision Records (Ken Power) Chesapeake D/E/FpopularKen Power But Why is it Shipped So Late? (Dr. Sam Swapn) National Harbor 6/7popularDr. Sam Swapn Thrive, Survive, or Die: An Adventure into the Kanban Cadences (Joey Spooner, Trent Hone) Chesapeake A/B/CPOPULARJoey Spooner • Trent Hone Collaboration in Agile: Brain-based Learning (Mehmet Baha) National Harbor 11popularMehmet Baha Learning from the books you said you read…. (Em Campbell-Pretty, Melissa Hay) Maryland Ballroom ApopularEm Campbell-Pretty • Melissa Hay Agile Reports for the PM Brain (Wayne Hetherington, David Sabine) Chesapeake 1/2/3POPULARWayne Hetherington • David Sabine Your Magic in the Mirror: Lessons in Witchcraft and Wizardry (Olaf Lewitz) Maryland Ballroom BpopularOlaf Lewitz Zen Den - Upskill while you Chill (Audree Tara Sahota) Chesapeake J/K/LPOPULARAudree Tara Sahota How agile is your testing mindset? (Karen Greaves, Kelley Cooper) National Harbor 8POPULARKaren Greaves • Kelley Cooper Pop culture as inspiration for test ideas (Nicola Sedgwick) Chesapeake G/H/INicola Sedgwick Prototyping Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence using Design Sprints (Chris Butler) Chesapeake 10/11/12Chris Butler

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