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Monday, August 5

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Stop Spinning your Team's Wheels, It's time to revisit your working agreements! (Alex Kanaan) Chesapeake 7/8/9Alex Kanaan Business Agility Lab: Introduction to Business Agility Conference Entrance State of Business Agility (Evan Leybourn, Sally Elatta)POPULAR Maryland Ballroom CEvan Leybourn • Sally Elatta Agile Foundations Circuit Training (Michele Sliger) National Harbor 2/3Michele Sliger Agile adoption in Aeronautics Computing Center of Brazilian Air Force (Fernando Rodrigues de Sá, Everton Lucas) National Harbor 4/5Fernando Rodrigues de Sá • Everton Lucas Agile Legislation (Troels Vincents Hjortholm, Terkel Tolstrup) Chesapeake 4/5/6Troels Vincents Hjortholm • Terkel Tolstrup The Answer is the Question (Bernie Maloney) Maryland Ballroom ABernie Maloney One Architecture to Rule Them All: Why Hexagons are Awesome (Ted Young) National Harbor 6/7Ted Young DevOps > Automation, DevOps = Culture + Ownership + Empowerment (& Good Patterns) (Reneshan Moodley) Chesapeake 10/11/12Reneshan Moodley Risk Resistors and Opportunity Obtainers: The Power of Agile Digital Policy (Kristina Podnar) Chesapeake A/B/CKristina Podnar Scientific Method to Hire Great Scrum Masters (Pavel Dabrytski) National Harbor 12/13Pavel Dabrytski The Emergence of Integral Leadership: Shifting the Structure of our Attention (Michele Madore, Michael Spayd) Maryland Ballroom DMichele Madore • Michael Spayd WE make better sense than me - the art of Collective Sense Making (Antoinette Coetzee, Jason Knight) Maryland Ballroom BAntoinette Coetzee • Jason Knight Continuous Learning at Work (Cara Turner) National Harbor 11Cara Turner The Inclusive Agile Accelerator: How to Improve Learning and Inclusion in the IT Industry (Alejandro Olchik, Rafael Prikladnicki) Chesapeake G/H/IAlejandro Olchik • Rafael Prikladnicki Hands On: Scaling Product Backlogs using Visual Models (Candase Hokanson) Chesapeake J/K/LCandase Hokanson Calm The Storm In Your MInd (Heather Dunning)POPULAR Chesapeake 1/2/3Heather Dunning Testing Microservices - See It, Feel It, Touch It, Heal It, Explore It (Ken Pugh)POPULAR National Harbor 8Ken Pugh Beyond Agile: Thriving on Digitalization with Beyond Budgeting, Open Space & Sociocracy (Jutta Eckstein, John Buck) Chesapeake D/E/FJutta Eckstein • John Buck Warts and All: Designing in the Open for Increased Agility (Matt Dobson) National Harbor 10Matt Dobson

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Scaling agile for larger electronic health record based initiatives (Vaishnavi Kannan, DuWayne Willett) Chesapeake 7/8/9Vaishnavi Kannan • DuWayne Willett Business Agility Lab: It All Starts With a Vision Conference Entrance Teal Enough: Tales from a small company trying to grow, retain culture and be Agile (Amanda Geary, Bob Payne) National Harbor 4/5Amanda Geary • Bob Payne Introduction to Agile: Origins and Evolution (Diana Larsen) National Harbor 2/3Diana Larsen Starting with our Agile Successes (Antoinette Coetzee, Lyssa Adkins)POPULAR National Harbor 8Antoinette Coetzee • Lyssa Adkins Choose Your Own Coaching Adventure and Other Games (Damon Poole, Gillian Lee) Maryland Ballroom AGillian Lee Improv Your Coaching! Using Comedy to Connect, Adapt, and Respond to Any Situation. (Mary Lemmer, Jason Hall) Chesapeake D/E/FMary Lemmer • Jason Hall Part 1 of 2: Facilitate Cleaning Your Code Without (Necessarily) Being a Techncial Coach (Arlo Belshee) National Harbor 10Arlo Belshee Seven Principles for Any Effective Agile Team, Collocated or Distributed (Mark Kilby, Johanna Rothman) Maryland Ballroom DMark Kilby • Johanna Rothman That’s not what I meant! - How communication can make, or break, teams (Trisha Hall) Chesapeake 10/11/12Trisha Hall Don't write those User Stories! (Ardita Karaj) Chesapeake 4/5/6Ardita Karaj Testing 1, 2, 3, ..., ...? (Wouter Lagerweij) Chesapeake J/K/LWouter Lagerweij Massive Agile Cross-Coordination Simulation Game (Season Tanner) Chesapeake A/B/CSeason Tanner The Road to Real Business Agility (Dean Leffingwell) Maryland Ballroom CDean Leffingwell The Life Changing Magic of Holding Space: A stance for leaders decluttering complex space (Steve Holyer) National Harbor 12/13Steve Holyer Breaking Down the Curriculum - Learning Games (Nate Haut) National Harbor 11Nate Haut Bringing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Techniques into Your Agile Learning Ecosystem (Popi Makris)popular Chesapeake 1/2/3Popi Makris Start Less, Finish More: The real costs of organizational multitasking (Brandi Olson) Chesapeake G/H/IBrandi Olson Mindful Writing for your Self-Care Tool Kit (Toby Sinclair) National Harbor 6/7Toby Sinclair Icebox Zero: Agile UX & The Lean Backlog (Scott Showalter, Justin Beall) Maryland Ballroom BScott Showalter • Justin Beall

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Undercover Scrum Master (Dane Weber) Chesapeake 7/8/9Dane Weber Business Agility Lab: Afternoon ACN Lean Coffee on Business Agility Topics Conference Entrance Business Agility Mentoring and Small Group Chats Conference Entrance May I Help You Find Something? – A Journey of Enterprise Business Agility @ Target (Tom Diedrich, Chris Diller) National Harbor 4/5Tom Diedrich • Chris Diller Organizational Transformation (Mike Cottmeyer) National Harbor 2/3Mike Cottmeyer Thing Three: The Power of Peer Coaching (William Kammersell, Lieschen Gargano) National Harbor 12/13William Kammersell • Lieschen Gargano Quilling Part 2 of 2: Facilitate Cleaning Your Code Without (Necessarily) Being a Techncial Coach (Arlo Belshee) National Harbor 10Arlo Belshee People Watching: Is Your Hiring Undermining Your Agile Culture? (Robert Woods)popular Maryland Ballroom DRobert Woods Learning From Unlikely Places: What an FBI Hostage Negotiator can Teach Us (Diane Zajac)POPULAR Chesapeake 4/5/6Diane Zajac Sizing the future: How to predict the size of your products collaboratively with data (Adam Yuret)POPULAR Maryland Ballroom CAdam Yuret Being Agile with Architecture Decisions: A Short Workshop on Architecture Decision Records (Ken Power)popular Chesapeake D/E/FKen Power But Why is it Shipped So Late? (Dr. Sam Swapn)popular National Harbor 6/7Dr. Sam Swapn Thrive, Survive, or Die: An Adventure into the Kanban Cadences (Joey Spooner, Trent Hone)POPULAR Chesapeake A/B/CJoey Spooner • Trent Hone Collaboration in Agile: Brain-based Learning (Mehmet Baha)popular National Harbor 11Mehmet Baha Learning from the books you said you read…. (Em Campbell-Pretty, Melissa Hay)popular Maryland Ballroom AEm Campbell-Pretty • Melissa Hay Agile Reports for the PM Brain (Wayne Hetherington, David Sabine)POPULAR Chesapeake 1/2/3Wayne Hetherington • David Sabine Your Magic in the Mirror: Lessons in Witchcraft and Wizardry (Olaf Lewitz)popular Maryland Ballroom BOlaf Lewitz Zen Den - Upskill while you Chill (Audree Tara Sahota)POPULAR Chesapeake J/K/LAudree Tara Sahota How agile is your testing mindset? (Karen Greaves, Kelley Cooper)POPULAR National Harbor 8Karen Greaves • Kelley Cooper Pop culture as inspiration for test ideas (Nicola Sedgwick) Chesapeake G/H/INicola Sedgwick Prototyping Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence using Design Sprints (Chris Butler) Chesapeake 10/11/12Chris Butler

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