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Tuesday, August 6

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A Practical Look Into Self-Selecting, Distributed Teams (Bevan Williams) Chesapeake 7/8/9POPULARBevan Williams How to Help Your Non-Software Colleagues Adopt Agile (Gil Broza) Maryland Ballroom DPOPULARGil Broza Product Innovation (Melissa Perri, Marissa Fong) National Harbor 2/3popularMelissa Perri • Marissa Fong Experiments, Measurements, and Relationships: How Large Federal Projects Can Succeed (David Blair) National Harbor 4/5POPULARDavid Blair Part 1 of 2: The Oppression of Structure and the Tyranny of Structurelessness (Johannes Schartau) National Harbor 8POPULARJohannes Schartau Coaching with Presence using the Kominsky Method (Timothy Meyers) Chesapeake 10/11/12POPULARTimothy Meyers Mission Not Impossible: Coaching Data Warehouse (DW)/Business Intelligence (BI) Teams (Scott Ambler) Chesapeake 1/2/3POPULARScott Ambler Part 1 of 2: How to Introduce Test-Driven Development (TDD) to Your Team (James Shore) National Harbor 10POPULARJames Shore Corrosive expertise (Seb Rose) Maryland Ballroom CpopularSeb Rose Diversity without Disclosure: Norms to Broaden Inclusion and Intersectionality (Cheryl Hammond) Chesapeake 4/5/6popularCheryl Hammond Project or Product? Oh, my, it's both! (Bringing a product mindset to project-based teams) (Susan Almon) Chesapeake A/B/CPOPULARSusan Almon Considerate Pair Programming: an interactive workshop (Todd Sedano) Chesapeake J/K/LpopularTodd Sedano Continuous Build and other DevOps anti-patterns, and how to overcome them (Thomas Stiehm) National Harbor 6/7POPULARThomas Stiehm Living Off an Agile Landscape: Agile Farming vs Agile Gardening (Quincy Jordan) Maryland Ballroom ApopularQuincy Jordan Lead the Play: Leadership Lessons from Space Pirates (Derek W. Wade) Maryland Ballroom BpopularDerek W. Wade Some Useful Neurophysiology of Collective Learning (MARSHA SHENK) National Harbor 12/13popularMARSHA SHENK Assumptions and Ambiguity be Damned. Develop a Strategy to Embrace Change. (Dennis Stevens) Chesapeake D/E/FPOPULARDennis Stevens Test Everything - Quality ... It's not just for code anymore (Bob Payne) Chesapeake G/H/IPOPULARBob Payne Revenue Generating UX: Building a $5M Business with Robots (Tami Reiss) National Harbor 11popularTami Reiss Agile Alliance Initiatives Conference Entrance Agile Alliance Lounge Conference Entrance

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Towards Agile Autonomous teams with Domain-Driven Design (Kenny Baas-Schwegler) Chesapeake 7/8/9POPULARKenny Baas-Schwegler Business Agility Lab: Building a Lean Enterprise Conference Entrance The Business Agility behind Riot’s K/DA; the Fictional Band that Topped Real World Charts (Ahmed Sidky, Michael Robillard) Maryland Ballroom DpopularAhmed Sidky • Michael Robillard Agile and Scrum in Government Agencies - How Do We Make It Work? (Richard Cheng) National Harbor 2/3popularRichard Cheng Government Products Deserve Love Too (Jason Gudalis) National Harbor 4/5popularJason Gudalis Part 2 of 2: The Oppression of Structure and the Tyranny of Structurelessness (Johannes Schartau) National Harbor 8POPULARJohannes Schartau Cultural Values Mapping (Brandi Olson) Chesapeake 4/5/6Brandi Olson Part 2 of 2: How to Introduce Test-Driven Development (TDD) to Your Team. (James Shore) National Harbor 10James Shore Stop complaining and start learning! Retrospectives that drive real change (David Horowitz) Maryland Ballroom CDavid Horowitz Agile under pressure: shipping a disruptive medical device in less than two years (Robert Stohr, Jana De Cock) Chesapeake A/B/CRobert Stohr • Jana De Cock Growing Your Personal Design Heuristics (Rebecca Wirfs-Brock) Chesapeake G/H/IRebecca Wirfs-Brock Dev???Ops: The Missing Middle of Security (Elizabeth Ayer) Chesapeake 10/11/12Elizabeth Ayer Is There a Place for Individuals and Interactions in Enterprise Agility? (Em Campbell-Pretty, Adrienne Wilson) Maryland Ballroom AEm Campbell-Pretty • Adrienne Wilson The inevitability of Enterprise Agile Transformation Fatigue & How do you Reset (Aruna Chandrasekharan) Chesapeake D/E/FAruna Chandrasekharan Make It Easy: A Very Simple Approach to Continuous Improvement (Woody Zuill) Maryland Ballroom BWoody Zuill Brain Agility: Overcoming Cognitive Bias (Lisa Cooney) National Harbor 12/13Lisa Cooney Lightning Talks (Peter Green) Chesapeake 1/2/3Peter Green From Projects to Products: Aligning Strategy and Execution (Richard Knaster) National Harbor 11Richard Knaster Mindfulness, it's a practice... NOT perfection. LEAD Imperfectly! (Darren Hoevel) National Harbor 6/7Darren Hoevel Leveraging software development principles into automation framework (Aditi Mulay, Ricardo Mediavilla-Maldonado) Chesapeake J/K/LAditi Mulay • Ricardo Mediavilla-Maldonado

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Technological Revolutions and what they mean for the Next Decade of Software Delivery (Mik Kersten) Chesapeake 7/8/9POPULARMik Kersten Business Agility Lab: Fit For Purpose Conference Entrance Embracing Open Agility: Tales and Fails From Our Company-Wide Agile Journey (Jill Parsons, Jared Steinshouer) National Harbor 4/5POPULARJill Parsons • Jared Steinshouer Collaboration & Cooperation in Agile Teams (Esther Derby) National Harbor 2/3POPULAREsther Derby Part 1 of 2: Anti-fragility, Collaboration and Agile (Caitlin Walker, Andrea Chiou) National Harbor 8POPULARCaitlin Walker • Andrea Chiou What I’d loved to have known when I started coaching teams (Olaf Lewitz, Martin Alaimo) Maryland Ballroom APOPULAROlaf Lewitz • Martin Alaimo Part 1 of 2: Code Reviews - How to facilitate code reviews as a less-technical coach (Kim Castillo) National Harbor 10popularKim Castillo Human Systems Dynamics: Adaptive Action Lab (Jeremy Lightsmith, Glenda Eoyang) Chesapeake A/B/CpopularJeremy Lightsmith • Glenda Eoyang Save the World, Save Your Team - Shifting Mindsets through Cooperative Board Gaming (Chris Diller, Tom Diedrich) Chesapeake 4/5/6POPULARChris Diller • Tom Diedrich Helping IT HiPPOs dance to the Product-Focused tune (Salah Elleithy, George Dinwiddie) Chesapeake 1/2/3POPULARSalah Elleithy • George Dinwiddie What “Good” Looks Like: The 4-Quadrants of Product Ownership (Bob Galen) Maryland Ballroom DPOPULARBob Galen Ground Rules for Sustainable Code Refactoring (Amr Noaman) National Harbor 6/7popularAmr Noaman Beginning with an End in Mind: The Secrets of Re-Shaping an Enterprise with OKRs (Mariya Breyter) Chesapeake D/E/FPOPULARMariya Breyter Build Your Modern Management Mindset: Adapt How You Lead for Agile Success (Johanna Rothman) National Harbor 12/13POPULARJohanna Rothman Using Beyond Budgeting and Sociocracy for agile-friendly performance appraisals (John Buck, Jutta Eckstein) Maryland Ballroom CpopularJohn Buck • Jutta Eckstein The Learner's Brain - A User Manual to the Most Complex Thing in the Universe (Joe Ziadeh, Jolene Jangles) Maryland Ballroom BpopularJoe Ziadeh • Jolene Jangles Getting ahead of your Agile Delivery teams with a formalized discovery process (Stephanie Allen, Anjali Leon) Chesapeake 10/11/12POPULARStephanie Allen • Anjali Leon Liberating Strategy - Walking the Fine Line Between Rigidity and Planlessness (Johannes Schartau) National Harbor 11POPULARJohannes Schartau Self-Empathy as a Path to Targeted Self-Care (Lorraine Aguilar) Chesapeake J/K/LPOPULARLorraine Aguilar Business Agility (Shane Hastie, Evan Leybourn) Chesapeake G/H/IPOPULARShane Hastie • Evan Leybourn

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Future of Agile is Diversity (Karina Kohl) Chesapeake 7/8/9popularKarina Kohl Business Agility Lab: Afternoon ACN Lean Coffee on Business Agility Topics Conference Entrance Business Agility Mentoring and Small Group Chats Conference Entrance In Principle We Agree: From Development to Organizational Agility with Holacracy (Timo Punkka) National Harbor 4/5popularTimo Punkka Make It Happen: The World's First Agile Restaurant (Riccardo Mariti, Jeff Sutherland) Maryland Ballroom CPOPULARRiccardo Mariti • Jeff Sutherland Agile Development Practices (James Newkirk) National Harbor 2/3popularJames Newkirk Part 2 of 2: Anti-fragility, Collaboration and Agile (Caitlin Walker, Andrea Chiou) National Harbor 8POPULARCaitlin Walker • Andrea Chiou Facilitating Distributed Teams (Mark Kilby) Chesapeake 10/11/12POPULARMark Kilby That's Not Coaching! - a story that started over drinks (Chris Li, Brock Argue) Maryland Ballroom ApopularChris Li • Brock Argue Part 2 of 2: How to facilitate code reviews as a less-technical coach (Kim Castillo) National Harbor 10popularKim Castillo Mapping Value to Benefits Realized with Leading (not bleeding) Indicators (Christine Babowicz, Natalie Warnert) Chesapeake 1/2/3POPULARChristine Babowicz • Natalie Warnert Escape Velocity (Doc Norton) Maryland Ballroom DpopularDoc Norton Making Better Business Decisions with Flow Metrics (Dominica DeGrandis) National Harbor 11POPULARDominica DeGrandis Automation as a Lofty Goal (Christopher Lucian) Chesapeake A/B/CpopularChristopher Lucian BDD, ATDD, TDD, DDD, DP, OOAD, ... If You’re D’d out, Try A Holistic Approach (Ken Pugh) Chesapeake J/K/LPOPULARKen Pugh Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself - Emotional Self-Management for Leaders (Lorraine Aguilar) Chesapeake 4/5/6POPULARLorraine Aguilar Six Steps Towards Self-Learning Teams and Deliberately Developmental Organizations (Andy Cleff) Maryland Ballroom BpopularAndy Cleff Innovation Starts with Agile Portfolio Management (Corey Post) Chesapeake D/E/FPOPULARCorey Post The Curious Case of You (Samantha Laing, Tracey Moerkerk) National Harbor 6/7popularSamantha Laing • Tracey Moerkerk Stalwarts - Jeff Patton (Jeff Patton) Chesapeake G/H/IPOPULARJeff Patton Sketchnoting Like a Pro (Raymond Zanden) National Harbor 12/13POPULARRaymond Zanden

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