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Wednesday, August 7

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A Report on the State of Agile in India (Deepti Jain)popular Chesapeake 7/8/9Deepti Jain Business Agility Lab: Facilitating a Mindset Shift Conference Entrance Live from DC, It's Saturday Night: the agility of SNL (John Krewson)POPULAR National Harbor 4/5John Krewson 7 things we do for our agile transformation at scale (Cecile Auret)POPULAR National Harbor 2Cecile Auret Ca$hing in on Tru$t & Tran$parency (Ben Kopel, David Faurio)popular National Harbor 8Ben Kopel • David Faurio What’s REALLY Going On? An Observational Skills Workshop (Julie Wyman, Mark Grove)POPULAR Chesapeake 4/5/6Julie Wyman • Mark Grove Dynamic Reteaming From The Trenches, Doing a 180 on fixed team dogma (Laurens Bonnema, Laïla Nouijeh)POPULAR National Harbor 11Laurens Bonnema • Laïla Nouijeh Visual Thinking for the Visually Reticent (Michael Keeling, Rebecca Wirfs-Brock)POPULAR National Harbor 3Rebecca Wirfs-Brock • Michael Keeling The Power of Design Sprints for Product Teams (Carlos Oliveira)POPULAR Chesapeake A/B/CCarlos Oliveira Prosperous Metrics: Solving the Scenarios we Struggle to Measure (Zach Bonaker, Jason Kerney)POPULAR Maryland Ballroom BZach Bonaker • Jason Kerney Agile Design Systems that Scale (Miriam Suzanne)popular Chesapeake D/E/FMiriam Suzanne A Software Engineer's Guide to DevOps (Laurie Barth)POPULAR National Harbor 6/7Laurie Barth Leading a 1,000-person Technical Culture Transformation Without Resistance (Arlo Belshee, James Shore)popular Maryland Ballroom CArlo Belshee • James Shore Crucial Leadership Conversations – A Chance to Practice What You Preach (Bob Galen)POPULAR Chesapeake J/K/LBob Galen Laughing for Leadership - Strengthening Leadership Skills with Improv Comedy (Mary Lemmer)POPULAR National Harbor 12/13Mary Lemmer Will the Real Agile Leader Please Stand Out? (Christopher Avery, Michael Sahota)POPULAR Maryland Ballroom DChristopher Avery • Michael Sahota Explaining Agile to your 5-year old, your grandmother or your boss (Nate Adams)popular Maryland Ballroom ANate Adams My LPM Toolkit: The Gambler + Sizing Chart (Christopher Pola, Laureen Knudsen)POPULAR National Harbor 10Christopher Pola • Laureen Knudsen Stalwarts - Natalie Warnert (Natalie Warnert)popular Chesapeake G/H/INatalie Warnert Testers in the deployment pipeline - Blockers or assets? (Alan Parkinson)popular Chesapeake 10/11/12Alan Parkinson Title: Finding Efficiencies in Agile Testing (Melissa Tondi)popular Chesapeake 1/2/3Melissa Tondi

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Harvesting Mob Programming Patterns: Observing how we work (Michael Keeling, Joe Runde)POPULAR Chesapeake 7/8/9Michael Keeling • Joe Runde Business Agility Lab: Alignment with HR Conference Entrance HR Goes Agile (Zuzana Sochova)POPULAR Chesapeake 4/5/6Zuzana Sochova Shorten that Feedback Cycle - Deliver Products that Customers Value (Ankur Saini)POPULAR Chesapeake D/E/FAnkur Saini Part 1 of 2: Upward Trend (Stuart McCalla)popular National Harbor 8Stuart McCalla Communicating Effectively: Or Teaching Your Team How Not to Suck at Giving Feedback (Sarah Urriste, Josh Mehler)POPULAR Chesapeake 1/2/3Sarah Urriste • Josh Mehler Part 1 of 2: How to coach Exploratory Testing sessions (Lanette Creamer)popular National Harbor 10Lanette Creamer Agile Leadership in a Diverse Cultural Environment (ElMohanned Mohamed)popular National Harbor 3ElMohanned Mohamed EventStorming; Continuous discovery between multiple disciplines (Kenny Baas)popular National Harbor 11Kenny Baas-Schwegler Understanding Customers using Jobs To Be Done (Kathryn Kuhn)POPULAR Chesapeake A/B/CKathryn Kuhn Evening the Odds: The Monte Carlo Technique for Project Forecasting (Hunter Tammaro)popular Maryland Ballroom DHunter Tammaro What I Learned About Software Development from Origami (Jonathan Turner)popular National Harbor 4/5Jonathan Turner Horse Before the Cart - An Outcome-Oriented Approach to SAFe® Transformations (Michael Hall)POPULAR National Harbor 6/7Michael Hall A Playbook for an Agile Manager (Chris Philipsen)POPULAR National Harbor 12/13Chris Philipsen Your Agile Leadership Journey: Leading People, Managing Paradoxes (Paul Boos)popular Maryland Ballroom CPaul Boos Making it Pop - Reflecting Practice in Experiential Learning (Jenny Tarwater)popular Maryland Ballroom AJenny Tarwater Lightning Talks (Peter Green)POPULAR Chesapeake J/K/LPeter Green Escaping the Tragedy of WIP (Eric Willeke)popular Maryland Ballroom BEric Willeke Stalwarts - Melissa Perri (Melissa Perri)popular Chesapeake G/H/IMelissa Perri Business Owner: The Most Critical Role for the Future of Agile (Luiz Claudio Parzianello)POPULAR National Harbor 2Luiz Claudio Parzianello Integrating Design Systems into an Agile Framework (Mark Wolfe)popular Chesapeake 10/11/12Mark Wolfe

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Building an effective ecosystem for women to excel (Archana Joshi)popular Chesapeake 7/8/9Archana Joshi Afternoon ACN Lean Coffee on Business Agility Topics: Conference Entrance Business Agility Lab:Business Agility Mentoring and Small Group Chats Conference Entrance #Winning: Why your strategy needs to reflect your path to victory (an ExxonMobil story) (Michael Adrian, Jeff Rosenbaugh)POPULAR National Harbor 4/5Michael Adrian • Jeff Rosenbaugh Overview of the GAO Agile Assessment Guide (Michael Holland, Jennifer Leotta)popular Chesapeake D/E/FMichael Holland • Jennifer Leotta Part 2 of 2: Upward Trend (Stuart McCalla)popular National Harbor 8Stuart McCalla Pair-Coaching 101: Why, how, and how to actually make it work (Gerrit Lutter)POPULAR Chesapeake J/K/LGerrit Lutter Part 2 of 2: How to coach Exploratory Testing sessions. (Lanette Creamer)popular National Harbor 10Lanette Creamer Out Beyond Estimates and No Estimates (George Dinwiddie)popular Maryland Ballroom BGeorge Dinwiddie Introducing the Product Roadmap Wall: Build alignment & buy-in for your products (Chris Shinkle)POPULAR Maryland Ballroom AChris Shinkle Playing With Personas for Better Products (Luke Hohmann)popular Maryland Ballroom DLuke Hohmann Flow - Why Process Efficiency is a Key Metric for High Performing Agile Teams (Jeff Sutherland, Jessica Larsen)POPULAR Maryland Ballroom CJeff Sutherland • Jessica Larsen Software contracts or: how I learned to stop worrying and love releasing. (Seb Rose)popular Chesapeake 4/5/6Seb Rose Oops, We Inflicted DevOps on our Business--Now What? (Allison Pollard, Barry Forrest)POPULAR Chesapeake 10/11/12Allison Pollard • Barry Forrest Lost in Transformation? Taking a Holistic Approach to Your Agile Transformation Journey (Kerri Sutey, Claire Atwell)POPULAR Chesapeake 1/2/3Kerri Sutey • Claire Atwell Let’s Just Skip High-Performing and Go Straight to Badass! (Matt Badgley)POPULAR National Harbor 12/13Matt Badgley Creating a distributed agile program office - beyond frameworks (Hendrik Esser)POPULAR National Harbor 11Hendrik Esser Do These Features Make My App Look Fat: The Visual Story Slicing Diet (Tommy Norman)POPULAR Chesapeake A/B/CTommy Norman My So-Called Agile Life (as seen through my Fitbit) (Nicola Sedgwick)popular National Harbor 2Nicola Sedgwick Stalwarts - Linda Rising (Linda Rising)POPULAR Chesapeake G/H/ILinda Rising Hey, You Got Your TDD in my SQL DB! (Jeff McKenzie)popular National Harbor 3Jeff McKenzie UX Within a Sprint? Designers Part of a Cross-Functional Team? Yes, Design Can be "Done"! (Gary Pedretti)POPULAR National Harbor 6/7Gary Pedretti

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