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Thursday, August 8

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The Sun Never Sets on the Problem Solving Workshop (Steve Adolph, Rochelle Tan)popular Chesapeake 7/8/9Steve Adolph • Rochelle Tan The TBM Movement in Government – Friend or Foe to Agile Adoption? (Steve Mayner)popular Chesapeake D/E/FSteve Mayner Part 1 of 2: Find your Edges (Kat Conner, Allmond McDermott)POPULAR National Harbor 8Kat Conner • Allmond McDermott Brain Talk: Using "clean" and other language patterns to enable deeper conversations (Mike Bowler)POPULAR Chesapeake 4/5/6Mike Bowler Get in Your Coaching Groove with Coaching Triggers (Damon Poole, Gillian Lee)popular Maryland Ballroom CGillian Lee Part 1 of 2: How to facilitate a Mob Programming session as a coach? (Woody Zuill)POPULAR National Harbor 10Woody Zuill How To Design and Build Agile Team Rooms that Rock! (Kathryn Aragon, Alfred Lorber)POPULAR Chesapeake 10/11/12Kathryn Aragon • Alfred Lorber The Art of Agile Conflict (William Kammersell, Lieschen Gargano)POPULAR National Harbor 11William Kammersell • Lieschen Gargano Quilling Design Thinking Workshop: Pass on Perfection (April Jefferson, Paul Boos)popular Maryland Ballroom AApril Jefferson • Paul Boos Just Say No! Why Saying No is So Difficult for a Product Owner and How to Make it Easier (Tina McCoy)POPULAR Chesapeake 1/2/3Tina McCoy Making Work Visible: Role of Information Radiators in Agile and Telemetry in DevOps (Anil Jaising, Suresh Chinnam)POPULAR Chesapeake J/K/LAnil Jaising • Suresh Chinnam Successful Patterns for Transforming IT Infrastructure Service Delivery (Kelli Houston)POPULAR Chesapeake A/B/CKelli Houston Empathy: A Keystone Leadership Habit (Paul Tevis)POPULAR National Harbor 4/5Paul Tevis Innovation pipelines and the need for Lean Startup in large organizations (Christopher Lucian)POPULAR National Harbor 12/13Christopher Lucian Prioritizing Portfolio Investments: A Lean Approach (Dean Leffingwell)POPULAR Maryland Ballroom BDean Leffingwell Finding energy for yourself (Karen Greaves)popular Maryland Ballroom DKaren Greaves Is our Past a Prologue for a Post-Bureaucratic Agile Management Revolution? (Sanjiv Augustine)popular Chesapeake G/H/ISanjiv Augustine Forget the QA! We’re a Cross-Functional Team!* *(But who has time to test anything?) (Marianne Erickson, Julie Clooney)POPULAR National Harbor 3Marianne Erickson • Julie Clooney Augmented Agile Delivery - Agile Behaviour Meets Digital Engineering (David Norton)popular National Harbor 2David Norton Spark Digital Joy by Tidying Up Your Design, Code, and Feature List (Trace Wax)popular National Harbor 6/7Trace Wax Agile Alliance Initiatives Conference Entrance Agile Alliance Lounge Conference Entrance

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Sharing techniques to continuously improve the XP Laboratory (Alfredo Goldman, Viviane Almeida Santos)popular Chesapeake 7/8/9Alfredo Goldman • Viviane Almeida Santos Business Agility Lab: Failures and Recoveries: Conference Entrance My government agency is unique... just like all the other agencies (Joshua Seckel, mark ginise)popular Chesapeake D/E/FJoshua Seckel • Mark Ginise Part 2 of 2: Find your Edges (Kat Conner, Allmond McDermott)POPULAR National Harbor 8Kat Conner • Allmond McDermott You as the Facilitator, pair and prepare your way to successful outcomes (Ant Boobier) Chesapeake 4/5/6Ant Boobier Part 2 of 2: How to facilitate a Mob Programming session as a coach? (Woody Zuill) National Harbor 10Woody Zuill Business Thermodynamics: The Art and Science of Creating Flow in Living Systems (Thomas Perry) Chesapeake 10/11/12Thomas Perry Testers & Developers: What Can You Teach Each Other? (Lisa Crispin, Bill Wake) Maryland Ballroom ALisa Crispin • Bill Wake What is Your Product? Making Large-scale Product Development Work (Andrew Repton, Ellen Gottesdiener) Chesapeake 1/2/3Andrew Repton • Ellen Gottesdiener Measuring Flow: Metrics that Matter (Hunter Tammaro, Julie Wyman)POPULAR Maryland Ballroom DHunter Tammaro • Julie Wyman Post-hoc systems architecture: an argument for microservices first for product development (Anastas Stoyanovksy)popular National Harbor 2Anastas Stoyanovksy DevOps Patterns to Enable Success with Microservices (Richard Mills)POPULAR Chesapeake A/B/CRichard Mills Extreme Self-Organization: A Pioneering Story of Agile Scaling with Open Space Technology (Ron Quartel, Kat Daugherty)POPULAR National Harbor 6/7Ron Quartel • Kat Daugherty The Voice of the System (Stephan van Rooden)popular National Harbor 12/13 Born To Learn (Aurelien Beraud)popular National Harbor 11Aurelien Beraud More about Thinking Fast and Slow (Linda Rising)POPULAR Maryland Ballroom BLinda Rising Lightning Talks (Peter Green)POPULAR Chesapeake J/K/LPeter Green Collaborative Frameworks for Portfolio Prioritization (Luke Hohmann)popular Maryland Ballroom CLuke Hohmann Creating a Culture of "Hope-Killing" With Realistic Product Roadmaps (Betsy Kauffman)POPULAR National Harbor 3Betsy Kauffman Stalwarts - Joshua Kerievsky (Joshua Kerievsky)popular Chesapeake G/H/IJoshua Kerievsky Agile in its Third Decade (Al Shalloway)POPULAR National Harbor 4/5Al Shalloway

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Using Design Methods to Establish Healthy DevOps Practices (Aras Bilgen)popular Chesapeake 7/8/9Aras Bilgen Business Agility Lab: Mentoring and Facilitating the Enterprise Adoption Conference Entrance Sensemaking in organizations: How to create a practical Cynefin and sensemaking process (Ken Power, Tony Quinlan)POPULAR Chesapeake D/E/FTony Quinlan • Ken Power Nine levels of Agile Hell... and how to get out! (David Fogel, David Bujard)POPULAR Chesapeake 4/5/6David Fogel • David Bujard Part 1 of 2: Functioning without leaders (Audacious Salonniere)popular National Harbor 8Audacious Salonniere A Coach’s Guide to Emotional Culture - An Interactive Workshop (Caroline Sauve)POPULAR National Harbor 6/7Caroline Sauve Uncover and overcome immunity to change (Lucia Baldelli, Cherie Silas)popular Maryland Ballroom CLucia Baldelli • Cherie Silas An Introduction to Technical Coaching for Less Technical Coaches (Andrea Goulet)POPULAR National Harbor 10Andrea Goulet Black Holes and Revelations (Sarah Harper) National Harbor 12/13Sarah Harper How to Make Real Collaboration Possible (Gil Broza) Maryland Ballroom AGil Broza Challenge Everything! Using EventStorming to challenge your business and architecture too! (Alberto Brandolini) Chesapeake 1/2/3Alberto Brandolini Patterns of Object Instantiation (David Bernstein) Chesapeake A/B/CDavid Bernstein Service Ownership @Slack (Holly Allen) National Harbor 2Holly Allen Traveling the Agile Base Camps to Scale (Katherine Paquet) National Harbor 3Katherine Paquet Mindful Agile Leadership – the elements of mindful success (Kathy Berkidge, Geof Ellingham) Maryland Ballroom DKathy Berkidge • Geof Ellingham Adapting TBR for Remote Learning (Shane Hastie, Shannon Ewan) Maryland Ballroom BShane Hastie • Shannon Ewan Facing your Demons: Navigating Self-Talk (Feral Rizvi) National Harbor 11Feral Rizvi Being an Agile Leader is Challenging AND Completely Worth it – Let’s talk (Tricia Broderick) Chesapeake G/H/ITricia Broderick Help! I am Drowning in 2 Weeks Sprints...How do I determine what NOT to Test! (Mary Thorn) National Harbor 4/5Mary Thorn A World Without Hierarchy: Experimenting with the Future of Work (Mark Cruth) Chesapeake J/K/LMark Cruth Practical Personas Under Pressure (Melissa Eggleston) Chesapeake 10/11/12Melissa Eggleston

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Speed-bumps and Potholes on the Road from Projects to Products (Mike Griffiths) Chesapeake 7/8/9Mike Griffiths Business Agility Lab: Afternoon ACN Lean Coffee on Business Agility Topics: Conference Entrance Business Agility Lab: Business Agility Mentoring and Small Group Chats Conference Entrance Agile's Dirty Little Secret Is Out! (Robert Woods) National Harbor 12/13Robert Woods Merging onto the Agile Highway - Overcoming Speed Bumps to Become an Agile Enterprise (Julie VanWiel) Chesapeake 10/11/12Julie VanWiel Part 2 of 2: Functioning without leaders (Audacious Salonniere) National Harbor 8Audacious Salonniere Liberating Structures... 36 tried and true facilitation techniques to amp up collaboration (Alex Sloley) Maryland Ballroom CAlex Sloley Tech Lightning (Llewellyn Falco) National Harbor 10Llewellyn Falco 3... 2... 1... We have Sprint-Off (Talia Lancaster, Angie Doyle) Maryland Ballroom ATalia Lancaster • Angie Doyle Harness the Power of Mobbing to Lift Unheard Voices (Jeff Brinkerhoff) Chesapeake D/E/FJeff Brinkerhoff Using Metrics for Good not Evil: or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the KPIs (John Tanner) Chesapeake 4/5/6John Tanner Deep Stack - Tracer Bullets and ZOMBIES in a Green Field IoT Product (James Grenning) Chesapeake J/K/LJames Grenning Coaching deployment size down and frequency up (Alan Parkinson)popular Chesapeake 1/2/3Alan Parkinson Inspect and adapt! Introducing Obeya as the next Agile practice (Nienke Alma) Maryland Ballroom DNienke Alma Mapping The Enterprise Agile Journey (Stephen Denning) National Harbor 3Steve Denning Yin and Yang of the Self-Managing Organization: A New Role for Management and Leadership (Michael Hamman) National Harbor 2Michael Hamman How The Olympics Can Make you a Better Person (Sandy Mamoli)popular Maryland Ballroom BSandy Mamoli I’m Still Working on My Masterpiece (Megan Windle)popular National Harbor 11Megan Windle The Four Pillars of Happiness to Maintain Daily Well-Being (Amitabh Sinha, Michael de la Maza) National Harbor 6/7Amitabh Sinha • Michael de la Maza Assessing the obstacles to agility through UNLEARNING. (Jessie Shternshus)popular Chesapeake G/H/IJessie Shternshus Rethinking quality and the engineers who protect it (Andrew Smelser)popular Chesapeake A/B/CAndrew Smelser Evil by Design (Kit Oliynyk)popular National Harbor 4/5Kit Oliynyk

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