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Tuesday, August 6

10:45 EDT

Mindfulness, it's a practice... NOT perfection. LEAD Imperfectly! (Darren Hoevel)

What does your mindfulness practice look like? Is it still a practice if you don't meditate or do yoga?
Human development is largely driven by changes that take place in the body and the brain. As we strive to create and be a part of high performing teams, having an awareness of the physiology, neuroscience, and the power of empathy will greatly increase our probably of success. Even more powerful, is having the capability of AWARENESS of ones self and our environment. How do we foster and create an environment where you and your colleagues can experience the feeling of being understood, lead with empathy, and create generative solutions through dialogue. Mindful Leadership provides clarity and enhances the journey through the important work we are doing.
Please join me on this exploration of the the physiology of the brain, patterns of the mind, how each of our individuals stories create our perspectives, and how our current agile and coaching models incorporate aspects of mindfulness.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Discover, what is mindfulness for you... it's a practice NOT perfection
  • Explore some concepts of mindfulness
  • Learn about the brain and the physical affect of your thoughts and actions
  • Are you mindful already? Bring your agile and coaching models into your practice
  • What is your Mindfulness roadmap?
  • What is your Mindful Leadership Model?


avatar for Darren Hoevel

Darren Hoevel

President, Agilist, Pliant Solutions
Darren Hoevel is a passionate Agile realist, organizational change advocate, corporate cultural renovator, customer ambassador and founder of Pliant Solutions. He is driven by transforming organizations into self-managing, self-organizing teams with high morale. Darren prides himself... Read More →

Tuesday August 6, 2019 10:45 - 12:00 EDT
National Harbor 6/7
Wednesday, August 7

15:45 EDT

My So-Called Agile Life (as seen through my Fitbit) (Nicola Sedgwick)
Limited Capacity seats available

Have you ever suffered from burnout or workplace stress?
I have.
Did you know it was coming?
I didn't!
And, I'd love a heads up for if it ever happens again.
When we're in the middle of a struggle we are often blind to the symptoms that appear glaringly obvious in hindsight. We are less blind when observing our colleagues and friends as we have an external view. However, by the time a problem is externally visible it has generally been bubbling away inside for some time - and causing damage in the process. What we need is some form of early warning system.
Two years ago I started wearing a Fitbit and discovered the joy of monitoring my sleep cycles and competing on my step count. After the first 6 months of wearing the device I had reason to look back over the data month by month and realised that I could spot patterns matching up with work stress. Even better the benefit of hindsight allowed me to see the warning signs in the data - signals that my body was sending whilst my mental state felt absolutely 100% fine.
Nowadays I'm quite good at correcting stressors in my work life when I spot the warning signs in my Fitbit data, just as I'm good at helping an agile team refocus based on user feedback. The aim of this session is to present, discuss and brain storm the parallels between agile practices and self-care (A/B testing, iterative working, on-going monitoring, etc.) plus tips for remedial actions that protect personal health and professional flow.
This is not a sales pitch for Fitbit and I am not a medical professional. I hope that sharing my story will help others to realise that there are observability tactics that we can use to protect and heal our own wellbeing.

Learning Outcomes:
1) Realisation that the physical body can be suffering long before any symptoms are felt.
2) Acceptance that the human body should be monitored in the same way that we monitor mission critical symptoms.
3) Practical tips for resolving stressors on both a personal and agile team level.

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Nicola Sedgwick

Mindful Leader, Coach & Team Glue, Culturli
An avid enthusiast of agile ways of working, Nicola loves the way technology can enhance and transform the world around us. Nicola is often found working with a product and coaching focus to ensure agile teams collaborate between themselves, and with stakeholders, in order to eliminate... Read More →

Wednesday August 7, 2019 15:45 - 17:00 EDT
National Harbor 2

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